Originally from the Chicago area, raised in Phoenix, Lyle Moultrie is a freelance visual artist and certified TEFL English instructor currently living and working in Hong Kong while maintaining clients and a studio presence in the States.

Since getting his BFA from Arizona State University in 1993, Lyle worked extensively in both commercial and non-commercial photographic environments both as a shooter and assistant, often for clients from around the country while concurrently pursuing his interests in painting and sculpture.

Exhibiting in galleries from time to time, Lyle's work can be found in private collections in the States, Berlin and Hong Kong.

In 2007, Lyle conceived and launched the product brand,
SO!Trouble - "a brand for our troubled times" - which raises awareness and resources for important social and environmental causes through fun and provocative merchandise. "Buy trouble! ~ fight trouble!" at www.sotrouble.com

For commission, print or studio enquiries please contact Lyle at lylemstudio@gmail.com
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